Show Calendar

Trailer space is limited, so the earlier we know you are going, the better! Remember: If you don't come out to ride at least 3 times the week prior to the show, you cannot join us at the show. So keep track of these dates to make sure you are prepared. 

Summerfest, Cannon Falls, MN  May 30 - June 1
IASPHA Summer Series, Gurnee, IL  July 11 - 13
ASAW Summerfun, West Allis, WI July 17 - 20
Midsummerfest, Cannon Falls, MN  July 25 - 27
Oshkosh Charity, Oshkosh, WI June 25 - 28
Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL  August 5 - 9
World Championships, Louisville, KY August 17 - 23
Wisconsin Futurity, Madison, WI September 11 - 14
Octoberfest, Cannon Falls, MN October 10 - 12
Mid America Mane Event, Springfield, IL October 23 - 26

Horse Show Expenses
A supply charge of $100 per show horse is charged once a year before the show season begins.
You will be billed on) month prior to the show for stall, pro-rated tack stalls, entry fees and drug fees.  Your check will be made payable to the horse show but mailed to Victory Lane.

You will be billed two (2) weeks prior to the show for coaching, estimated bedding, hauling and trainer's hotel (pro-rated). 
Trainer/Coaching fees:  $25 per day
Pleasure Driving Cart: $100 per show
Show Harness: $50 per show
Show Bridle: $25 per show
Saddle: $25 per show
Tail Switch/Cap: $5 per show
You may be billed after the show for additional decorations, bedding and other expenses. 

2014 Hauling Rates
1 horse per trailer - $2.00 per mile
2 horses per trailer - $1.50 per mile
3 horses per trailer - $1.00 per mile

Heartland - Custer, WI 90 miles
Cannon Falls, MN - 390 miles
Springfield, IL - 800 miles
Oshkosh & Glen Valley - 200 miles
Rosco, IL - 400 miles
Madison, WI - 300 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 395 miles
Winona, MN - 320 miles
Louisville, KY - 637 miles
Lexington, KY - 715 miles
Shelbyville, KY - 625 miles

Horse Care Items:
If you own or lease a horse, you are required to own the following items for your horse. If you do not own all of the mentioned items, please see Liz about ordering them. All of these items will be ordered through Liz from Fennells, World Champion, Terry Bennett or Radon. Items may also be charged to credit cards.

For Home For Show
*Sheet *Sheet(s)
*Blanket *Blanket (s)
*Tail Set (if applicable)         *Tail Set (if applicable)
*Tail Set Supplies (if applicable)         *Tail Set Supplies (if applicable)
*Halter *Leather Show Halter
*Fly Blanket/Scrim Sheet *Leather Show Lead
*Neck Wrap (if applicable) *Tail Brace (if applicable)
*Saddle *Tail Switch (if applicable)
*Bridle *Saddle

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