Training, Lessons and Other Services

Very Successful Cannon Falls Horse show

Victory Lane offers both private lessons and training for all levels of horse and rider.
Trainer Liz Rice specializes in All Around Performance Horse training, and offers lessons on creating the basic seat that can go into any type of riding style. Don't own a horse? No problem. Liz offers schooling horses that fit your riding style and experience!
..............................................................................................   LESSONS 
Riding, Driving and Showmanship Lessons

 All tack is supplied. On your horse, or one of Liz's schooling horses. All ages, all experience levels! 
Held in our Indoor Arena or in our Large Outdoor Arena 
We have lessons in Rain and Snow!
***Lessons must be cancelled 2 hours prior to ride time, or you will be charged for missed lesson.***

Private Lesson: $35 (approximately 30 minutes)
5-Lesson Package: $160 (save $15)
10-Lesson Package: $325  (save $25) 

Lessons must be scheduled 24 hours in advance
If you need to cancel a lesson, notice must be received within 2 hours or you will be charged for the missed lesson
Lessons bought NEVER Expire!

NOTE: $35 returned check fee.



Confident with riding, but struggling with Showmanship and Halter classes?
Liz holds many Championships and Supreme's with many different horse breeds. 

Liz and her 2012 WSHC Halter Champion Check This

Pictures of some of our Students:

Sam and her little buddy get a ride in before the show ring                                          Erin is ready for her lesson

Danielle Lampe and Diamond had a Winning Day!   

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Lessons and Shows with Victory Lane!

                      Karla Michanowicz taking her first driving lesson        

Lisa and Austin City Lights First Time Out, First Championship Win


Have a horse that has potential, but is unfinished for the show ring?  Having issues with a finished horse you just can't figure out, or maybe you just can't seem to get your horse to win? Liz can help you bring your equine up to speed.  American Saddlebreds are Liz's main expertise, but she has worked with and shown many different breeds including Quarter Horses, Arabians, Tennessee Walkers and Friesians. Your horse will be worked with from the ground up, creating a steady and reliable all purpose show horse

Full Training: $750 per month
6 days per week training
2 Lessons on your horse or school horse

Partial Training: $550 per month
Every other day training
1 Lesson on your horse or school horse

Additional lessons can be purchased for a discounted amount of $25 per lesson

Monthly Expenses
Vitamins and Minerals - must be put on credit card or billed monthly
Vet Services - must have credit card on file with Vet Office or check to Liz 24 hours prior to services
Farrier Services - must have check to Liz 24 hours prior to services
Drugs and Medications - on monthly bill or billed by Veterinarian
Body Clipping - $100 per clipping, on monthly bill, plus sedation

NOTE: Board and training bills are due on the 1st of each month.  A late fee of $50 will be charged on bills not paid by the 5th.  All other bills such as dental visits, chiropractic visits, or supplies purchased through Victory Lane are due as received by customers and check must be dropped off 24 hours prior to services.

NOTE: $35 returned check fee.

Horse Show Expenses
A supply charge of $100 per show horse is charged once a year before the show season begins.
You will be billed on) month prior to the show for stall, pro-rated tack stalls, entry fees and drug fees.  Your check will be made payable to the horse show but mailed to Victory Lane.

You will be billed two (2) weeks prior to the show for coaching, estimated bedding, hauling and trainer's hotel (pro-rated).  

Trainer/Coaching fees:  $25 per day
Pleasure Driving Cart: $100 per show
Show Harness: $50 per show
Show Bridle: $25 per show
Saddle: $25 per show
Tail Switch/Cap: $5 per show

You may be billed after the show for additional decorations, bedding and other expenses. 

2014 Hauling Rates
1 horse per trailer - $2.00 per mile
2 horses per trailer - $1.50 per mile
3 horses per trailer - $1.00 per mile

Heartland - Custer, WI 90 miles
Cannon Falls, MN - 390 miles
Springfield, IL - 800 miles
Oshkosh & Glen Valley - 200 miles
Rosco, IL - 400 miles
Madison, WI - 300 miles
Milwaukee, WI - 395 miles
Winona, MN - 320 miles
Louisville, KY - 637 miles
Lexington, KY - 715 miles
Shelbyville, KY - 625 miles

Horse Care Items:
If you own or lease a horse, you are required to own the following items for your horse. If you do not own all of the mentioned items, please see Liz about ordering them. All of these items will be ordered through Liz from Fennells, World Champion, Terry Bennett or Radon. Items may also be charged to credit cards.

For Home For Show
*Sheet *Sheet(s)
*Blanket *Blanket (s)
*Tail Set (if applicable)           *Tail Set (if applicable)
*Tail Set Supplies (if applicable)         *Tail Set Supplies (if applicable)
*Halter *Leather Show Halter
*Fly Blanket/Scrim Sheet *Leather Show Lead
*Neck Wrap (if applicable) *Tail Brace (if applicable)
*Saddle *Tail Switch (if applicable)
*Bridle *Saddle


Do you have a horse that is a hard keeper? 

~Brittle cracking Hooves~
~Hard to put weight on~
~Bad Coat and Tail~
~Needs Muscle Gain~
~Joint Problems~

Liz can help!  Having been an equine vet technician, and multiple years of owning her own show barns, she knows how to make your horse shine!

Call Liz to talk about your horse's better nutrition, or come out to see some living proof of her nutritional wisdom.



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